Overisel Township
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General Cemetery Information and Rules

Burial sites are available for Bentheim Cemetery and Overisel Cemetery.  Sales are arranged through our cemetery sextons.  If you are interested in purchasing a lot from Bentheim Cemetery, please contact Steve Arendsen, 616-836-4101.  Please contact Ken Kleinheksel, 616-566-6417, if you are interested in purchasing an Overisel Cemetery lot. 

The cost for township residents is $200.00 per lot.

The cost for non-residents is $600.00 per lot.

Funeral designs and floral pieces will be removed from the grave when they become wilted and unsightly.  In no case will caretakers attempt to locate design or floral pieces after their removal from the lot.

All flowers must be placed in urns or metal flower baskets next to the gravestone to make maintenance easier.

All other landscape accessories will not be allowed.

No flowers, shrubs, trees, or vegetation of any type shall be planted.  Any of the aforementioned items may be removed at the request of the Township Board or the caretakers.

Surfaces other than earth or sod are prohibited.

All live or artificial flowers will be removed when they are no longer presentable as determined by the cemetery caretakers.  The caretakers will also remove any unclaimed baskets.

Monuments or markers with any grotesque, freakish, or unusual design ornamentation are not permitted.  The Township Board has no desire to interfere with the tastes of patrons in regard to style of their memorials, but in the interest of all, they reserve the right, given by law, to prevent or remove any structure or object, which the sexton deems not in keeping with the general appearance of the cemetery.

No fence, hedge, enclosure or curbing of any kind will be allowed on burial lots.

 The stated regulations (along with the price of lots) may be changed or amended at any regular meeting of the Township Board by a majority vote of all members.

For a PDF copy of the Overisel Township Cemetery Ordinance, please click here.
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Phone: (269)751-7030 A-4307 144th Ave., Holland, MI, 49423 Fax: (269)751-5405